Why You Should Seal Your Pavers

When you choose to have a Tucson Paver Installation, you’re making quite the investment. Let’s face it – installing new pavers isn’t the cheapest renovation around. The job requires stone and it’s intended to last for years – it’s an investment both time-wise and monetary-wise. It’s a worthwhile investment to make though, especially if you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your property’s outdoor space. We want your pavers to last years and years – the way to make this happen is by seal coating them!

Don’t leave your precious pavers up to chance. There are so many different elements working against your pavers For one, the Tucson sun is blazing on em’ day in and… well day in. All of that strong light and heat can mean faded and dusty pavers down the line. Once your pavers have lost their snap, their sparkle – they’re pretty much through! You spent all of that money on a particular look and poof! There it goes. It doesn’t have to end that way though. By sealing your pavers, you’ll give them a layer of protection against the sun’s strong rays. This means prettier pavers for longer. And it’s not as if seal coating in Tucson, Arizona is some monumental task. It’s a simple process that, if done correctly, can mean a considerable preservation of your paver investment in the long run.

Have your pavers developed some chalky, white discoloration on their surface? Are you wondering how it got there an what you can do about it? Well, the term for it is called efflorescence. This happens when moisture pulls the salt and solvents inside of your pavers to the surface, resulting in white discoloration. If moisture is the issue, then a water-based seal coating is the prevention. The layer of protection will guard your pavers from moisture retention, preventing efflorescence.

Stabilizing Sand Joints

Seal coating pavers in Tucson also helps to stabilize them in the ground. When you’re dealing with loose Tucson soil, seal coating your pavers will help to keep them from shifting and settling in unwanted ways. Of course, a little bit of shifting and settling is normal, but an unruly amount can be prevented with a proper seal coat. The coating will also keep weeds from growing in between the cracks of your pavers. A day without pulling weeds is a good day to me.

Stain Protection

The risk of stained pavers is real. Especially the pavers of high trafficked areas. Car fluid stains and food stains and dirt stains can leave your pavers a sad rainbow of neglect. If you want to avoid having this discolored mess on your hands, seal your pavers! All sorts of grease and grime will be repelled thanks to the seal coating in place. Support your pavers in Tucson, AZ by sealing them! Sealed pavers are also easier to clean. In the case that some grime does fall, you’ll be able to get it all tidied up with the help of a hose or a small pressure washer.

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