Things To Do In Tucson

Many different types of travelers come to Tucson due to the great variety of things to do there. You can get a closer look at the beautiful Arizona desert and spend time exploring the famous Saguaro National Park. Or get some exercise on the hiking trails of Sabino Canyon. If you’d like to experience a bit of culture and history, swing by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for an air-conditioned (yay) look at some of Tucson’s prominent animal and plant species. Feeling modern? There are great galleries in the Catalina Foothills district. Or you can mingle near the University of Arizona on Fourth Avenue. Sounds like a good time!

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

It’s called a museum, but to the kids’ delight this place is more like a zoo. Around eighty-five percent of the attractions are experienced outdoors, so be sure to dress as if you’re going to be spending time outside (you will be). This museum is made up of ninety-eight acres and they host 230 different animal species, as well as 1200 different plant species. Tell the kids that there’s a mountain lion. Enjoy the trails and really feel one with desert life. Once you get munchy, stop at one of the museum’s eateries and take an air-conditioned break from the great outdoors (you’re welcome). Make sure that you’ve set aside enough time for exploring the grounds and enjoying the programs. This isn’t really a ‘We’re out of here at 1pm or else’ type of place. If you don’t give yourself enough room to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience, you may wind up regretting it. So take it slow and have fun in Tucson!

Saguaro National Park

This locale sports, get ready, 91,327 acres of land. I mean, phew! That’s a lot of acreage! The namesake of this national park is the famous saguaro cactus, the likes of which can be seen towering all about the grounds. The park features two different districts, both of which have a visitor center and miles of hiking trails. This place is really a national treasure. If you want to see those beautiful, postcard Southwestern landscapes in person, Saguaro National Park is the place to go. Both districts of the park are great, but the Tucson Mountain District in particular sports the best, breathtaking sunsets. Fall and spring are the best times to visit, unless you’re totally immune to the Tucson summer heat (we’re not, but more power to ya). A guide only costs $2 at the visitor center, and there are also paved trails to enjoy. If you’re looking to really experience the beauty that is Arizona, Saguaro National Park is the place to be.

Let’s face it, coming to Tucson is all about the scenery. I don’t think anyone travels here for shopping centers and dance shows. People come to Tucson to see that unforgettable Southwestern view – the one where no photograph can beat the picture imprinted in your memory. Whoa, that’s deep, and so is Tucson. You’re going to have some fun there!

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